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As a life coach, I provide executives and aspiring professionals a structure for goal setting, learning, and achievement. Having spent over 30 years training international leaders, I bring extensive insight into the group dynamics that transcend cultures and work settings. I engage my clients in both real-time problem solving and evidence-based management coaching strategies.

Coaching Services
Susan has extensive experience and qualifications in the following discplines:
Leadership and Management
Strategic Planning and Team Building
Communication and Conflict Management

Executive Coaching

It can be difficult to shake the illusion that executives decide and act on their own. In fact, the best executives actively engage in critical feedback and support from specialists. I assist executives to proactively pursue their goals and learn key lessons in leadership and management.



Strategic Planning

Structure helps a group plan and execute together. I design structures to guide groups toward their strategic goals.



Team Building

A successful team can accomplish much more than its individual members. Groups are invested in the plans they create. I guide groups to creatively share their knowledge and skills for maximum workplace impact.



Skill Development

Continuous learning demands new information, resilience, and skills practice. With 30 years of training experience, I deliver cutting-edge courses on communication, motivation, conflict management, influence and leadership.

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