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Executive Coaching, Consulting and Training
Susan will help you to:

•  Define your goals and

   guide their evolution


•  Manage and lead with


•  Foster successful group

Susan Caporaso McBride

Coaching, Consulting & Training

My passion for coaching and leadership began in 1977 when I became an Associate Peace Corps Director. After witnessing several well-intentioned teams experience organizational breakdown, I developed a lifelong interest in understanding the mechanisms of healthy and functional group dynamics. I then spent a decade in Latin America consulting in management for the private, non-profit, and public sectors.


Next, I caught the travel bug and circled the globe for one year. Armed with a broad understanding of diverse cultures, I went on to complete my masters degree in Human Resources and Organization Development at the University of San Francisco. I was hired as an education specialist at the US Foreign Service Institute and remained at the Department of State from 1990-2013, working as an organizational consultant and executive development trainer. I worked as an international trainer and as a Certified Practicing Co-Active Coach (CPCC) for executives.


Now, I work independently as a certified executive coach and trainer. I focus on mentoring clients, transitions, group dynamics, and workplace stress. I am driven to help my clients uncover roadblocks that interfere with shaping and advancing their group’s agenda.

Testimonials from Federal Employees

Over the course of eight months Susan’s exceptional coaching enabled me to use essential relational skills to find my path through a complex career transition.

-Elaine A.


Using Susan’s techniques my staff finally gained a sense of perspective on our mission.

– Sam P.


Susan helped us build a solid foundation to develop our core values, objectives, and better lead the Bureau as a whole.

– Nancy G.


Susan helped me design a
game-changing strategic planning and teambuilding day.

– Anne W.


Our day-long retreat established an invaluable baseline for moving forward.

– Kenneth C.


Although we focused on strategic planning, the session was brilliantly laced with the right amount of team building

– Nick M.

Certified Professional Coactive Coach
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